NEED A CREDIT CARD OR LOAN – bad credit score but no cjjs or anything like that



Looking for a credit card or loan company that offers money to younger people just starting out. I am 22 work full time and have a decent wage little to nothing credit due to never really having anything, recently moved into my own house (rented) need a need cooker ect and lots of other expensive appliances could do with a small loan or credit card ????


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Yes you may have a bad score but its here nor there since lenders don’t see it. Lenders see your history.

Who is giving you the bad score ? There’s 3 other agencies who lenders use.

Maybe give moneysupermarket a go.

A credit card is your best option.

A worst case scenario (if for example you don’t get a credit limit that’s enough) is you decide which appliance is more important and you buy accordingly.

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