need help with money transfer!!



I am looking at the possibility of paying the remainder of my loan (6800/8800) with a 0% money transfer credit card. However the credit card I have at the moment only has a limit of 2250 on it with lloyds. If all i was to get from somewhere is was about the same it wouldn’t pay all of my loan so would then be paying a credit card AND my loan repayments which wouldn’t decrease in value just the number of them would.

Can someone clarify that what I am thinking is correct and that theres probably no point in me applying due to probably not getting enough to pay my loan off or would there still be use to it? Is there a chance of being able to get multiple credit cards at 0% and pay them off that way? I have worked out that I would save about 1500 so I am really keen to do it but dont want to pointlessly hurt my credit rating.

thanks in advance!!


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