Need URGENT help


Hi everyone. Not been here in a while and my son is in a desperate situation. If THIS POST IS IN THE WRONG PLACE,i’m sorry but i’m panicking for him.
Yesterday morning whilst my son was at work, a pipe burst in his loft. The bathroom ceiling and wires have collapsed, the bathroom floor has let water through the bathroom and into the kitchen below and the kitchen ceiling has also collapsed, again with cables dangling. Bathroom floor is ruined so is the kitchen floor. There’s wet plaster ALL OVER the place. It’s such a mess.
He phoned the Halifax Insurance as soon as we turned off the water and the electricity supplies.
After a VERY lengthy conversation with a woman at the claims dept, she said, ( which we find very annoying ), " You need to contact a plumber in your area, get him to fix the leak, PAY HIM, then send us the bill and we will then reimburse you!!" ).
We thought afterwards,…hang on a minute , that’s why he pays an excess on his policy. The plumber/ heating engineer probably would want the Electrics sorting first , OH hang on a minute the electrician would probably want paying also, That’s TWO lots costing hundreds of pounds BEFORE the insurance company pays out.
The insurance phoned him this morning and told him an assessor is coming tomorrow at 2pm.
He doesn’t have savings like that and i’m sick with worry for him.
I can’t help him because i’m on benefits.
My partner told me that when her ceiling collapsed in the same way, she paid the excess and got 3 quotes from people.The insurance then settled the bill with the builder etc and all she paid was the excess. She told me,..that’s why you pay the excess, NOT PAY THE BUILDERS, PLUMBERS, ELECTRICIAN ETC, and then claim it all back. WHO HAS £5-10 THOUSAND POUNDS SPARE.
Can someone PLEASE read this and give us advice PLEASE.
We are in a desperate situation.
Many thanks


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