Neighbours fire spread to mums shed


My mum owns her old council house but the house next door is still council run. at midnight last night the fire brigade woke her up ( she is 80 so a bit deaf and a big shock) and told her the shed was on fire. The neighbours have been cutting down the conifers all summer and now they had dried out decided to burn them. They tried a few weeks ago and another neighbour phoned the police as the fire set their fence on fire.

So, should mum claim on her insurance for her fence, shed and contents of the shed (lawnmower, patio set, strimmer etc).?

Her premium will go up but it is not her fault so unfair. The fire brigade have said they will issue a damage report stating the fire was started net door. Her neighbours are quite abusive so she doesn’t want me to confront them in case they retaliate.

Can she approach the council and claim on their insurance ( if they have it) . The tennants shouted that they are poor and have no money so ” not to even think about getting money off them”.

what is the best course of action for her. She will have to replace the shed as she has no room to store the mower etc. Thanks


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