new building insurance – previous claims in residents association ??


Hello, I am about to buy a house and have started to look for house (building and contents) insurance. I am filling out the comparison website forms to get quotes and there’s a question about how many years i’ve had buildings insurance and how many years of no-claims.

I’m not sure how to answer this question. I previously owned a flat in London, whcih was part of a residents association which was a group of 4 flats including mine. We bought buildings insurance under the name of the residents association – the whole building, and not our individual names. Can i therefore say that i have had buildings insurnace or does it not count because it wasn’t me personally doing it on my own ?

To make matters a bit more commplicated we did make a few quite pricey claims because of leaky pipes in the flat above ours – do i need to declare these ? i’m hoping not but i need to be honest !

any advice gratefully received

thanks and all the best



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