New Car – Won’t Insure me due to ‘no security device’ and Charges


Long story short, I sold my car yesterday and due to collect another today. I’ve gone from an Audi TT to a Jeep Renegade. When I rung my insurance company NCI to change my details over they said they can’t insure my new car, a 2015 Jeep Renegade as it doesn’t have any security device fitted and AXA won’t insure it. They couldn’t provide any insurance for it so basically the only option was to cancel. They were very specific on saying they could not insure the vehicle due to it having no Thatcham security decide so literally I had no choice than to have to cancel my insurance. They have charged me £75 which includes various administration fees and I will get around £95 back which is a very small amount working on what the insurance was on the Audi and that I am only a couple of months into the insurance.

So, after specifically being told they couldn’t provide insurance as it was Axa, not them, guess who I’ve just had insurance with – yep, you guessed it AXA. The registration bought up the vehicle and I selected ‘factory fitted’ security as having checked the Thatcham website I have confirmed it has Thatcham TC3 security (every model from Feb 2015 onwards has one). I’ve also confirmed with Thatcham that my model car has a security device factory fitted and spoken to AXA who have no issues.

So, I’ve emailed a complaint to NCI on the basis that they’ve given me wrong information and basically I’ve been charged for leaving when I had no choice to leave. Am I right to try and fight to get my fees back as they have basically given me incorrect information?

Edit – I have got my new (insurered) car now after some delays due to the insurance issue.

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