New death & critical illness cover policies – what to declare?


Hi fellow MSErs,

I’m in the process of moving home & at the same time, reviewing my death & critical illness cover policies.

During a routine check-up a couple years ago, my cholesterol & blood pressure were both higher than normal.

A combination of blood pressure medication for a few weeks, in addition to changes to my diet, lowered my weight & subsequently my cholesterol & blood pressure.

I last had a check of both again around 18 months ago, after which the doc gave me a clean bill of health (& unchecked since). So, a few questions…

1. Can someone knowledgeable advise if I need to declare the above for any new policies I’d be taking up?

2. I’m assuming that a future claim could be invalidated if the insurance company find something from my doctor’s records that I hadn’t mentioned earlier (that occurred before I took up the policy)?

3. An indication of what premiums could rise by if I declare my condition from a couple of years ago, would also be useful.

Thanks in advance…


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