New driver car insurance – main driver on another’s car?


Hi all. I’m just posting to get some advice about car insurance as I’ve had varying advice from a variety of people and I’m unsure how to proceed.

I’ve recently passed my driving test and I’m hoping to be able to start driving to commute to work soon. I’m 24 so I’m still classed as a young driver. My brother has offered to let me use his car and he uses public transport to commute as his car is rarely driven apart from on the weekend and for pleasure. I’ll be covering many more miles than him (based on my daily commute), yet he is still listed as the main driver at the moment. He also has my parent listed as named drivers on his policy.

So to become insured on his car, which he owns, I see three potential choices:

  • Get added as a named driver on to my brother’s policy
  • Get added to my brother’s policy as the main driver
  • Take out my own policy on my brother’s car with him added as a named driver

With the first option, I feel there is a risk that this may be classed as “fronting” as I would not be disclosed as the main driver, despite me covering the most mileage.
With the second option, my brother is worried about losing his no-claims bonus in the (hopefully unlikely) event that I have an accident.
Finally, with the third option I’m worried that I would be unnecessarily wasting money by avoiding potentially better options.

What are your thoughts? Thanks


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