NewDay Card not providing itemised statement


I have just activated my online statement of account I have NewDay Card since 2018. Had Debenham card before with NewDay, I stop using for year for same reason they don’t provide itemised statements on my accounts.
On returning goods purchased in sale I cannot marry them up as no indication what items has been returned just amount.
They are way behind in their statement of accounts, when I return item at Debenhams counter I am told it will take 3 to 5 days for it to go back into my account but when I see my account it does not mentioned it there only price amount returned. due to them not been up-to-date with accounts. Is this normal.
Also charges and interest lump together not stating what it is for or how much for each of them?
How do I go about getting itemised statement from NewDay credit card to marry it up with old receipts. Can I go to their head office and asked for it?


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