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Dear MSE experts,

I’d just like some advice on the next sensible step forward.

Current situation:

– Marbles card obtained about 14 months ago. Original limit of £400 => £1,200 => £2,400 => £4,000. I currently average ~£500 on each statement, paid in full before the due date. I have never accrued a penny in interest at any time.

– Recently on the electoral roll (past month)

– Experian score of 871, although this hasn’t changed in 3 months

Ideally I’d like to get a 0% interest card that allowed me to spread sensible purchases out over 3-6 months without paying interest. The credit limit is sufficient on the Marbles card but the rate is staggering (45%).

Please let me know what your opinions are on what I should look for, or if I should wait a little longer before taking any action.

Thanks for any advice.


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