No monthly offers from Barclaycard?


I’ve had a Barclaycard Reward card for around two years now, and they’ve usually offered me a money transfer and/or balance transfer each month. To a point I’ve often joked about them constantly forcing me to become a customer when I already am one.

I’ve taken them up on the offer last July when money was tight at the time but it was soon paid back in September. I’ve managed to build up a good reputation with them over the last few years and they’ve even increased my limit to £10,000.

Now I’m currently looking to make a large purchase and would like to make one of the money transfers so that I can use my AMEX card for points and then pay it off in full, paying the CC off in monthly instalments. And it’s just typical that this is the first and only month that Barclaycard aren’t giving me any offers!

Is there any reason behind this? And/Or will the option be there available soon?


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