No Motor Legal Protection and Policy Excess outstanding?


I was involved in a minor fender bender with no personal injury beginning April. The other party who was insured with Admiral, accepted blame immediately as we exchanged details.

I’m insured with eSure but upon taking out the policy I did not take out Motor Legal Protection, as this was provided as an option at the time and I thought it unnecessary to do so. I’ve been a safe driver for years and any incidents I have been involved with have been other people’s fault. That was my reasoning anyway.

My vehicle was repaired with an eSure nominated repairer.

The whole incident was quite painless, up until I got my repaired car back.

Problems started really with eSure telling me they would waive my policy excess if I could supply them with the full name and address of the at-fault-party. These details were never exchanged when we had the collision, the only details i had was telephone number and registration details/insurer details from the other party.

According to eSure, this meant I had to pay my policy excess to the crash repairer when I picked up my car after it had been repaired. They provided a receipt for me.

Whilst the claim was being handled, I got sporadic emails from the claims handlers at eSure, who I’d replied to asking if they needed my dash cam footage to help the case. I never received any responses apart from the standard automatic replies.

After some weeks I finally received an email from my insurer that they had confirmation of liability from the other party and that my dash cam footage was not required. Great I thought. Better late than never.

I responded once again asking what the situation was with my policy excess that I had paid to the crash repairer. Again, some weeks went by with me chasing eSure up but never got any further reply from them – until I called them.

Having spent some time on hold, I finally got through, and was told that due to not having Motor Legal Protection, it was up to me to reclaim the uninsured loss directly from the other party (which the policy excess falls under I was told). I was unaware of this little tidbit of information.

The call centre handler gave me the telephone number of a 3rd Party Claims line together with a reference number that I needed to quote.

Due to data protection, he was unable to provide me with any more details, which I thought was odd, seeing I was obviously the at-fault and aggrieved party.

Having called the 3rd Party claims number which turned out to be Admiral, I was on hold for roughly 30 minutes, listening to a recorded message telling me that my call was important. I finally gave up. I tried again the next day and the day after that with similar outcomes.

I did finally manage to get through, and spoke to a claims handler who seemed surprised that I was speaking to him. He gave me an email address for me to send my policy excess receipt to, and told me it wouldn’t take very long for resolution. That was 6th July.

I have since not had any further communication from Admiral, or responses from them in relation to my policy excess.

I have even raised a formal complaint using their complaints procedure, which has gone unanswered for other 4 weeks now. They were supposed to respond to the formal complaint within 5 days.

My insurer eSure has since sent me a txt message telling me the claim has been settled and my NCD was not affected.

So the question is, what do I do to get my policy excess back?

eSure clearly aren’t interested, neither is Admiral. I am the not-at-fault party and have been left waiting continuously for nothing to happen. Where do I go from here? Help would be appreciated.

many thanks.


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