Not at fault car insurance claim.


Okay so a bit of backstory.

I have been driving 6 years and for the first few years like most young drivers i was driving a small hatchback worth a few hundred quid. I was the named driver on my mums direct line policy. In May 2014 i was coming into my drive when my neighbour backed out of hers, She didnt see me and kept reversing, i tried to swerve around her but i hit her rear end and crumpled my bumper and headlight unit. At the time i was already looking at my second car and so instead of going to the insurance company I bought a new bumper off ebay and fitted it myself for 60 quid (i scrapped the car 2 months later anyway). After the incident i never talked to the neighbour about it and i never recieved any letter or contact whatsoever from my insurance company.

Fast forward to today and i am on my third car, still with direct line but on my own policy. I logged on to my online insurance for the first time and it said on the policy details no. of claims 1… Confused i called up Direct Line and they said i had a not at fault claim in May 2014. Their records said “Claim has been recovered”.

How have i got an a Not at fault claim on my record if i never claimed? and what claim did they supposedly recover?

I asked them if it could be removed as it must be a mistake and they said there was nothing they could do.


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