Not Just CONFUSED over motor insurance renewal



Having been contacted (many times) by ComparetheMarket over motor insurance I visited their site a few days back as my insurance is coming up for renewal. However as their renewal quote was less than my current provider was asking – and as it was with the same provider, LV I requested information before taking up ComparetheMarket’s quote as I did not know if responding to the new quote would penalise me in any way, given that I am already insured with LV; ComparetheMarket have not responded. Sorry if I’m not making myself clear, however the below, reproduced email I sent to ComparetheMarket should make it clear:

“Having received my renewal quote for motor insurance (for the coming 12-month period) from my insurance company I responded to your email to try for a more competitive figure.

“Although you presented me with a cheaper figure of £70, it is with the insurance company that I am currently with. My question therefore is this: Can I buy the newer, cheaper insurance and then cancel my existing policy at the renewal date. I would have the new insurance begin on the 27th June as my old one expires on the 28th June.”

I should be grateful if anybody could help me with this query.




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