Obtaining car insurance for new car



I can’t get a straight answer on arranging car insurance for a first time car purchase.

Do I have to have, or is it a good idea to have physically paid for the car before getting insurance? (I haven’t bought it yet only paid a reservation deposit).

Because I haven’t bought it yet, I am obviously not the registered owner and my name is not on the VC5. On comparison sites sometimes it asks you if you “will” be the owner of the car to be covered, or it gives you an option to say that you haven’t purchased the car yet; but I’ve also read that you can’t put the insurance in your name until you have purchased the car?? So if I selected a quote and applied for that particular insurance and wanted the policy to commence on the date I intend on buying the car is the insurance legal/valid or not?

Any help with this is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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