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Hi all, I wondered if someone could provide some advice/suggestions for me?

A long time ago (15 years or so), I took out a credit card with Egg. I was young, and at some point after this, I entered into an informal debt management arrangement (through PayPlan) with all of my debtors, including Egg.

Within the last few years, all of my debts have been completely cleared, and I now have a 999 rating with Experian.

However, as you may be aware, Egg hasn’t existed for a long time. My account was purchased by Barclaycard (then Hoist, then back to Barclaycard) years ago. When it came to approaching my creditors to offer payments, nobody could find record of my Egg credit card at Barclaycard.

At the time I called them (2014), and they said they had no record, and I asked whether that meant I didn’t have to pay. They agreed, but unfortunately I have lost the recording of the call I made.

Next thing I know was in August last year, I got a letter from Robinson Way requesting (in their normal lovely way), that I pay back the money. I immediately (on advice from here I believe), wrote Barclaycard a letter under the consumer credit act, asking for a copy of my credit agreement within the normal 12 working days, attaching a postal order for the 1 charge.

I never heard back.

I have received a few other letters from Robinson Way, however I guess as the amount is so small (less than 300) I haven’t had anything too threatening.

Today I called Barclaycard, and they have no record of the letter I sent (and being best part of a year ago, I no longer have the proof of postage). They advised to write to them again requesting my credit agreement.

Debt is not on my credit report.

What would people’s advice or suggestions be?

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