One Day Car Insurance For Driving Test


Ok I’m in a real pickle of a situation here and I don’t have a clue what to do.

I had my license revoked 2 months ago, and have now got round to doing my actual practical driving test this Wednesday. Now I have my own car, which is the only car I really feel comfortable doing my test in. (automatic, not driven manuel ages. I know I will only get auto license).

Now I need one day car insurance for my driving test, which I thought was easy enough. Now I cancelled my insurance (already paid upfront) so that i could get back around £400. This was because I expected to be out of driving for a while and needed the money.

when I come to get one day car insurance it says i cannot get tihs because i dont have a full license, but then I try to get one day ‘learner’ insurance, but it says the car needs a full insurance policy to add on a ‘learner’ for one day. I cannot get the full insurance policy because i dont have a full license.

Its just one big mess and i dont have a clue what to do. Any advise would be great??


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