Over insursed – what to cut?


Help. I am in the process of taking over Mum’s house paperwork as she has Alzheimer’s and I think she is paying for things twice or even 3 times but its difficult to know what to cut.

1. House insurance, buildings and contents with Home Emergency which says it covers heating failure, blocked drains. She also has full accidental cover. I am moving companies with this as she is paying over the odds with LV.

2. Homeserve cover for drains etc. but they wouldn’t pay out for a problem she had with her washing machine pipes recently.

3. Homeserve cover for electrical.

4. British Gas boiler cover.

Somthing there needs to go. I spoke to Homeserve recently and got her premiums right down for the existing year. On renewal for pipes and water supply etc. they want £380 a year. Way too much.

The other issue I have is that the house is not well maintained and although she has accidental damage and homeserve can they wriggle out as everything in the house is so old and is something breaks or blocks would it be down the age of it?

She isn’t local to me either which makes it difficult. I know lots of people to contact if I have an issue but its hard when she is 70 miles away and mostly alone. I sort of think there is some protection for an old lady from these policies but at the same time think she is being ripped off.


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