Own Insurers inflating Physio cost to me


Hi – ill try and trim the fat down to just brass tacks;

I’ve been in a car accident – other party has admitted fault.

I am leaning towards taking the pre-med offer which seems ok. However – the t’s and c’s of my insurer state if i take this deal then i will be deducted my current physio that i have undertaken from my settlement figure. Which i was willing to obide.

However, when receiving the invoice the 3 x 25 min sessions totalled £250 (initial assessment – £75 and two subsequent sessions at £55 each…. so how they got £250 im not sure?!)

I queried this and they advised the price is different as the physio company charges insurance claims at a higher rate.

When i spoke to the physio company to verify they told me that this was in fact false. They charge £35 per session – even for the apparently more expensive ‘initial assessment’.

What would you do?


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