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I stay overnight at the property that I own generally 1-2 nights per week, although I park my car on the driveway 4-5 days per week for work. The rest of the time I stay at my fiance’s property that he owns. This arrangement is set to continue at present.

When I called my current home insurance (buildings and contents) company to clarify their policy wording, they informed me that I should be staying overnight in my property a minimum 3-4 nights per week, otherwise my insurance is invalid. It can be left empty for 60 consecutive days (for hols). This cover is now due for renewal.

I sought advice of a local insurance broker but the Aviva policy that he recommended, when looking at the detail, also had a similar stipulation of minimum number of nights per week property must be ‘occupied’. It is not however an unoccupied property.

Please help, as I don’t know where to turn now to find suitable cover. Many thanks!


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