Paying for an Ipad I accidentally broke


I am currently 15 years old and therefore like to have a laugh with some of my friends at school…
On multiple occasions we have kicked one of our friends bags as a joke (we do it to everyone) and on this particular instance i kicked it and it happened to have his Ipad facing outwards at the end of it with no protective cover. Needless to say, i broke it significantly on the screen and caused the main body to bend.
In generall my question is:
Should i pay, if so how much?

Some rules our school have (quoted from homework planner)

  • We will not accept responsibility should a students mobile be damaged, lost or stolen
  • Please do not bring or wear expensive watches, coats, jewellery, pens, or large ammounts of money into school. We cannot be responsible for loss of such items.

It is an Ipad mini 4
Thanks in advance


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