Paying for duplicate car insurance policy


I renewed my car insurance policy with Endsleigh in March. Instead of renewing my old policy, though, I went through as a new customer because it was cheaper. I rang them up and they said that it was okay, and they would forward my no claims bonus to the right team.
I was looking through my bank statement over the weekend, and saw that I’ve actually been paying for two policies. Upon closer inspection, I’ve been paying for the new policy that I took out (£70/m) as well as my old policy which has auto-renewed (£75/m).

I rang them earlier today, and the woman was very helpful and said that they would cancel the auto-renewed policy and refund me everything I’ve paid so far. She rang me back a short while later and said that after talking to her supervisor, they actually need to get permission from their underwriter to cancel the policy because it’s been so long since the policy started. She said that there is a chance that the underwriter may refuse to cancel the policy and refund me what I’ve paid. She will call be back in 5-7 days.

In the case that she calls me back and says that the underwriter will not cancel the policy, what are my rights? Because I rang them in March and told them I had renewed under a new policy, I would have expected that they would’ve cancelled the old policy from renewing. I cannot afford another £75 a month for a duplicate policy on the same car.


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