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OK, so a banking error, not of my making, meant that my monthly DD to HSBC Credit Card was not made on Monday.

I contacted their customer service to make a payment, and they informed me that I can only make a payment from another HSBC account?

She was so rude, when I said I do not have online or telephone banking, as I tried to set this up several times and each time they tell me it is all done, next time I try to get contact it does not work, telling me the details are incorrect.

So, any ideas where I go to from here, she told me to visit my branch of HSBC, and when I said I did not have one, she told me to go to Santander branch (was trying to pay with Debit Card) and again, I do not have one.

Is it really this difficult in this day and age to pay an account, if I was committing fraud, I can understand, but I just want to make a payment!!


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