Paying in full to avoid interest… but re-spending?


Hi! I’m struggling to work this out from the T&Cs, any advice appreciated.

I have a balance on a credit card of approx £1,000 that’s been running along for while with minimum and occasional repayments and re-spends, no promotional rates, costing about £20/month interest.

If I pay the full statement balance off in full before the payment-due date, but then spend on it again (either before, or after that date, if it makes a difference?), does it count as ‘repaying in full’ thereby meaning that I’ll pay no interest the following month? So theoretically I could carry on doing this indefinitely thereby avoiding the interest completely, but never actually having to pay it off (although in reality I’ll be reducing it to zero in a few months)? Or does it void the ‘paid off’ bit if it’s re-spent again?

I can’t pay it in full right now, but I could pay it in full using my monthly spend budget, and then re-use it for the groceries etc. But I’m not sure how it works with regard to dates for repayment etc if I was going to try this.


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