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Thought id throw this out doubt the regular posters will all know the in”s and out”s of PayPal credit and its terms,but for the great unwashed and the general thicko”s like me…read on.

Long story short bought a Office Chair from Ebay..used paypal credit as payment methord,thought it best way as being a virtual credit card (virtual as in not physical) would have buyer protection as any other credit card.

Just called paypal credit department and said ive got a problem an item and was told although yes it is a virtual credit card it offers ZERO protection other than the standard 60 days paypal does.

After the chap stated several times yes its a credit card all be it virtual…when i mentioned the call being recorded by myself he said it wasn’t a credit card as it doesn’t offer the protection others do and is simply called a credit card for easy understanding.

So whats my rambling point…AVOID paypal credit as it offers no protection,your far better off using a proper credit card and link it to your paypal.

The chap at paypal said its between myself and the seller…hmmm seller states they are UK based…yet have Chinese writing where address is, which suggests they are china based,well thats a non starter.

If my appalling spelling offends you that much…dont read my posts.


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