PCP Car – non-fault accident


Im sorry if this is not the correct area for this post. I had a search and could only find information about cars that were wrote off.

A week ago i was stopped in the road (not a junction) waiting to turn right into a housing development, as i was waiting for traffic to clear i was rear ended, what looked like body work damage on the passenger side read bumper now looks like suspension damage as shes come through and hit the wheel. Its being repaired at the moment and he have a courtesy car and from a layman’s point of view i didn’t think there was that much damage and no one has told me otherwise.

Its all gone through the insurance and the opposite side have all the liability, and my insurance company have taken it to be repaired.

After talking to a friend, he suggested i look into whether the car may be classed as a category d write off. This in turn he said may affect my insurance on the car and its resale value. The car is on PCP and due to be handed back next summer.

My question is these;

– As the car is PCP and due to be handed back in a year, when it is sold and if it achieves a low price will i have to make up the short fall?

– Will it actually affect my insurance?

– Do i have to declare this accident to DVLA?

– Do i have to declare this accident to the finance company?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Ian.


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