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My dad has just received a letter from Hebble Law. No information bar a claimant name and an incident date of the 19/2/2016. Various comments along the lines of “as long as you continue to cover your own legal costs and ours etc, you will be fine”

The only thing they can think of is when my MUM went into the back of a womans car at 10mph. The woman got out of the car screaming “Ive called the police, you have hurt my neck!” The police turned up, stayed for 5 minutes and left. No collision reported, no ambulance called.

Does this sound like a personal injury claim letter? My mum is petrified that she is being sued and she’s going to have to pay out ££££’s. The woman is local so my mum sees her quite regularly out and about. Certainly no outward signs of injury whilst heaving her shopping around!

The offices are normal office hours (mon-fri) so she can’t talk to anyone until then. She is extremely upset and stressed enough as it is (nan has late stage dementia). I’m fuming on her behalf

What does she actually need to do as the letter says NOTHING!!



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