Pet Insurance Renewal Doubled in Price


Hello All,

I have my just turned 6yr old English Bull Terrier insured with More Than. His lifetime policy renews on the 7th August, I’ve just had my renewal through the post and it has over doubled in price.

Last year my policy cost £734.33 for this next coming year they want £1505.38

Compared to most dog owners I was paying over the odds this last year! I have had claims in the past ( an operation to remove a bowel blockage) that was before last years policy so was reflected in the £734.33 price. This last year we have been keeping a check on his kidneys as they seem slightly damaged from being on deaths door with the bowel blockage, however I have only claimed for two blood test, I am out of pocket really after this year.

I’m assuming More Than are looking into my dogs blood tests are pre empting that he is going to be suffering with kidney problems in the future but as he is now, he is happy and healthy and not

even requiring any medication. My vet cannot tell me how quickly his kidneys will deteriorate at the moment thats why we do 6 monthly blood checks. However even when the time comes to start going on medication is doesn’t cost that much per month!

I really feel like I’m being pushed out of my policy now and obviously kidneys now will be classed as a pre existing condition with anybody else

I’ve always insured my dog since he was a pup, trying to be a responsible owner but I am considering risking just putting the £125 per month to one side now! perhaps take out a cheaper insurance policy for anything other than kidneys! I just don’t want to pay More Than that much money for them to make money off me when it seems so unfair.

I’ve tried phoning More Than they can’t give me a better price or explanation as to why my premium has over doubled aside from their usual “vet fees have increased”

I’m wondering if I have a case to complain to the financial ombudsman and if I do , do I keep the policy in place until the complaint has gone through? I dont’t have long to decide and then obviously my lifetime policy will be broken if I don’t make those payments.

Any help greatly appreciated


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