Planning – Credit history and future mortgage


Hi all

I am currently working on paying off my credit card debt and improving my credit history. I have one credit card which has a limit of £2,450 – balance is £731 and should be paid off by July.

I am hoping to be in a position to apply for a mortgage in 18 months – this will be the earliest time that I would probably be in the position to do so but it could be after 18 months so I am trying to plan ahead.

I only have two hard searches on my credit file, these were done in February and May 2017.

I think I have two options.

A. Continue as I am and once my credit card is paid off, use it for something like petrol and then pay it off after the statement has been generated. Avoid any hard searches during this time.

B. Continue to pay off this credit card but also apply for another. Use both for something like petrol and pay off after the statement has been generated.

Would there be any benefits to having a second card as I know that this is not a lot compared to most people? Or would it be more beneficial to just plod on?

Thanks in advance.


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