Possible car insurance write off..advice needed.


My daughter driving out of a car park when another car reversed out of a parking space hitting passenger door and the door behind. Insurance details exchanged. She’s taken it to a garage for estimate of repairs and been told it needs two new panels at a cost of £2,000. The cars not worth that. Somebody’s told her that the insurance company will write the car off and give her what the cars worth, it’s a 55 Toyota Avensis. Trouble is it’s a lovely car, well maintained, she recently had two new tyres, a new clutch and had repairs done to the brakes, the latter costing over three hundred pounds. If they write it off what do the insurance company do with the car? Do they scrap it or put it into an auction? Can she buy it back off them, if so how does she go about insuring a write off?

Just feel so sorry for her, she’s divorced with two children and struggles finically, she’s a teacher and needs a reliable car to get to work. The accident wasn’t her fault, but the consequences of it could give her problems. In hindsight she may of been better off not bothering reporting it to her insurance.


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