Post Office Credit Card – Balance transfer not done?


Greetings all!

So, heres a long story (hopefully) short:

Got 3 credit cards, all of which have balances. In order to save some money, applied for a Post Office 0% balance transfer card, thought i may as well save some money on whats being paid (Total debt over the 3 is 3,200)

Was accepted for the balance transfer card, and as part of the final steps i was asked for the card informations of the balances i wanted to transfer, so i put them along with the amounts to be transferred.

I confirm it, and then nothing. No confirmation email even of application acceptance.

I wait a few days and an email then does show up, saying the card is on its way, it even mentions the balance transfers too! So i go and check the other cards….nothing!

Card arrives, i activate it and check the account, there isnt even a pending balance transfer request or anything of the like. I can request one, but i thought this was already done as part of the application, the card is specifically designed for balance transfers (Got a 0% for 26 months one)

Has anyone experienced this before? I have tried giving them a ring but, to my unfortunate surprise they arent all that helpful and nobody seems to know left from right. I dont really want to do a new balance transfer request incase this other one is still sitting in limbo, is it worth waiting a while longer? Do these things timeout if they arent completed? ( Like if they did start it, but its somehow stopped somewhere )

Any information would be appreciated! Thanks in advance


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