Pre approved credit cards £ limits


It’s one thing getting the pre approval assurance by using the eligibility calculator, however is there any way to also find out what the credit limit amount you are likely to be offered is prior to making an actual application?

I currently have 3 cards for several yrs have switched between to take advantage of 0% rates, however due to my latest episode of depression did not get switched when the 0% ran out & I have been making min payments on standard variable interest for the past 12 months.

Typically now that I am feeling slightly better & able to face dealing with all the normal day to day finances/ bills etc. all 3 lenders have now stopped offering me 0% balance transfer rates!!

As my debt amount is approx £13k splitnover the 3 cards I am reluctant to apply for a new albeit pre approved card if the liikehood is they are only going offer me a £1-2k limit. I would rather got for a card with say a shorter 0% term but a higher lending amount etc.

Any advice greatly welcomed.




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