Pre approved HERE but then denied credit


Hi All

I was wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation to this and could give me so advice.

I recently did a credit card comparison on this site and was told that I was ‘pre approved’ for one of the cards. 100%. The writing underneath explained that I would be accepted for this particular card so I applied.

It made sense that I would be accepted as my credit score is excellent, I always make my monthly payments, and other that one other credit card I have no other debt. (This was going to used for a balance transfer)

Anyway, I had an email this morning saying that it had been denied! I’m quite shocked and a bit annoyed as all the information I gave before being pre approved was correct and up to date and if I’d of thought I wouldn’t have been approved I would have never applied for the card!

Now my problem is it’s quite important that I do get another card because I need to do a balance transfer on my current one before the interest goes sky high.

Has anyone been in a similar situation?

Debt Free Wannabe


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