PRUDENTIAL – Changes to Life Cover Rates


Hi guys,

Looking for some advice please?

As the former owner of a Scottish Amicable Home Purchaser Plan I have today received a letter from the Pru advising that after reviewing the rates they charge for life cover they have decided to lower their rates based upon incorrect assumptions as to how long people will live. As i had a policy for over 13 years they have advised that they will be sending me a cheque for £50 as a one off payment to me as a valuable customer.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy to receive some cash out of the blue, but the cynical side of me is worried that this may be a token gesture, and by accepting this payment it may come to light later that i was actually due a larger refund that i cannot now claim.

Has anyone came across this before and is it worth me querying how much i have been overcharged over the years, or should i just accept the small windfall?




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