Public Liability Insurance Claim??


Wonder if any of you guys can advise.

My Mum was involved i a pretty serious accident in the local Shopping Centre/Bus Station resulting in a crush on an escalator.

On the escalator a woman dropped some shopping and when trying to retrieve it a guy slipped bringing down 4-5 people onto my Mum (who is 75 very small and weak) this has resulted in ambulance being called and hours in the local A&E trying to fix an her hand which has basically had the skin tore off.

Also resulted in specialist care in hospital 20 miles away and which will also result in ongoing treatment.

The whole incident is bad but thankfully could have been a whole lot worse.

I have spoken to a friend who mentioned she should be claiming for this but i am not sure where to start or even if there is a case as it is just a very unfortunate accident, but one that will put us all out of pocket in terms of travel, time off work, cancelled plans etc etc

Obviously Mum health is main number one priority but where do we stand legally, and what would you guys recommend we do?

All help as always appreciated


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