Pursuing me for the cost of the Credit Hire Car..


Hello, this is my first time posting on a forum but I’m really in need of some advice or wondering if anyone else has ever encountered issues with their insurance over a credit hire car…Basically I am now being pursued personally for the cost of the hire car by a company called Auxillis that was arraigned for me by my insurance Admiral.

So initially when I logged the incident with my Admiral, they deemed it as a non-fault case and provided me with a hire car.

Now the case has been settled by my insurance on a without prejudice basis as the third party has provided a witness statement and they say that the damage to the cars is more consistent with the third parties version of events so therefore I am now being perused personally by Auxillis for the cost of the hire car (almost £11,000)…

I was led to believe that in the event the hire car company Auxillis could not recover the costs from the third party that I would have something called a Credit Protection Policy to protect me, however now Auxillis are saying that they believe that I have mislead them when describing the incident deeming this policy now invalid thus the charges falling to me.

Prior to this, I queried liability with Admiral as I didn’t understand at the time the I could ever be held liable for the cost of the car and I was told that in the event that Auxillis couldn’t recover the costs that I was to forward the invoice to Admiral and they would cover the charges. I had this confirmed by one of thier managers at the time.

Now that I have received the invoice and done exactly that, it seems they are going back on what was initially saying they need to complete an ‘investigation’.

My stance hasn’t changed and I still believe I should not be held at fault for the incident however I don’t have a witness to support my version of events and it seems that has been the main deciding factor.

I just don’t understand how these costs should ever fall on me personally just because now they have decided to side in favour of the third party does not prove I have mislead them in anyway?

I have asked Auxillis for an explanation and for them to provide proof of how they feel I have been misleading but I have received nothing but a demanding invoice saying send a cheque within 7 days to avoid further action…

Please help!!



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