Query re: existing credit cards and new bad credit


Hi all, I wondered if someone can help me with my query.

I have 3 credit cards with a total of around £9k on – I am managing to pay the minimum on 2 of the 3 (the 3rd I explain a bit further down), plus quarterly lump sums from my work bonus to try and lower this. I also have 2 loans that I am struggling to pay off, and have missed a couple of payments on. I am negotiating directly with the loan providers to freeze the account and hopefully repay the full amount back.

My question is, will this newly acquired bad credit from the missed loan payments affect my current credit cards? Will my CC providers look to close the accounts once I pay them off, or will they disregard this and just see the fact I’ve never missed a payment and let me keep the card as normal. I have 1 card that I use for household bills (food shopping, petrol, gas / electric) which I pay off in full every month and really don’t want the card closed as I need it to get through the month

Thanks in advance


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