Query regarding the question “have you ever had insurance refused, cancelled or special terms”



I’m aged some advice on the question which gets asked when getting insurance quotes, In my case for home insurance (buildings and contents,)

Some background:

I have Home Insurance policy (b&c) and on the policy I have specified items, in this case a watch.

Earlier this year I unfortunately lost the watch, put in a claim along with police reference number, details of where I think it happened etc. The claim was agreed and settled.

I have now purchased another watch and for the time being have added it to the same policy.

Today I got a quote from a company who cover valuables, just for the watch on a stand-alone policy. When I range them and disclosed the previous claim they said they would speak to their underwriters. They then came back and said they can give me cover. The exact wording of their email is:

“Further to your request for some insurance, unfortunately our underwriters have declined to offer you cover for your Collectables and Jewellery.

Please accept our apologies that we are unable to assist you on this occasion.”

I then went back to them and asked if the above means I now have to disclose this refusal to cover every time I get insurance quotes. They came back and said yes.

In the next few months my home insurance policy will need renewing and I’ll want to shop around, but this question could scupper that.

Can someone please provide some clarity? Do I need to disclose this? If so, for how long as looking at the comparison site questions it says something like “have you EVER”. Surely it can’t go on for the rest of my life?

Sorry for the long winded post!


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