quick question on Tesco card


I currently have a Tesco Clubcard credit card that i use for tesco shopping and petrol usually i put around £500-£600 a month on it and then have it set up to clear each month. (i love my clubcard points)

i have about 4k on another card that is ending its 0% soon and my tesco card has a 24month 0% offer on it with quite a low fee I currently fire £200 a month onto the other card with the 4k

if i move it to the tesco card am i going to end up paying the balance transfer off and not the shopping and petrol bills and then end up getting destroyed with interest.

the plan was to move it onto there then set a payment of about £800 a month but need to make sure its going to clear the purchases first and the remainder of the £800 would eat into the balance transfer

hope thats clear


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