Quickie query re Co-op home insurance


Over the 47 years of our home ownership, Mrs C and I have paid £000s to the insurance industry for building & contents cover. We’ve never made a claim. No matter: the insurance was there if we needed it; luckily, we haven’t. But that has made us ever more careful about what we spend and who with.

From July 27 2016 to July 26 2017 we had Co-op buildings & contents insurance. It was a good deal; the premium was competitive, and we received a £50 Co-op store voucher within 6 weeks of paying it.

Come renewal time and obviously the £50 voucher was no longer offered so we switched to a different home insurer at a massive new customer discount.

That policy expires on July 27th next. Although MSE inexplicably fails to mention the fact, the Co-op is still offering £50 store vouchers to new customers. . . or to those who haven’t had Co-op insurance in the last 12 months.

Well, um, we haven’t. Or rather: we haven’t had Co-op insurance since July 26 2017. But today is June 28 2018. And that’s less than 12 months. Question, then:

Has anyone here had experience of returning to the Co-op to commence a new policy which will, effectively, come into force after an intervening 12 month gap between it and the previous Co-op policy?

Or is it the case that, if we apply now (June 28) we’re actually not conforming with the Co-op’s T&Cs because today is less than 12 months since we were Co-op customers? I really don’t want to waste time, effort and money on a new Co-op policy, only to find out later that no, there’s no £50 voucher because at the time of application, we didn’t qualify. . .

PS: As an aside, what’s with all the double and triple para spacing which MSE seems nowadays to keep sticking in to posts? Is it a glitch or a fault with my Windows 7 PC? It’s really getting tiresome, having to review every submission to see if there’s an acreage of white space in the text when merely single paragraph breaks were originally keyed in.


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