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Hi Guys, unfortunately my wife was hit in the rear of my car by another driver on adli car park a few hours ago.

The other lady driver admitted fault, gave my wife details, and I rang my insurance company up.

“Go girl, “insurance.

After a lengthy phone with them, they said there are two ways of dealing with the claim, either through them, or via Enterprise claim handling, which they more or less coerced me to go via the latter, so I would not have to pay excess, as it is a no fault claim.

They transferred me to Enterprise

Enterprise, being a car hire company, asked a lot of intrusive questions about, earnings, can I afford to pay for rental etc, which I said I could , should I need to.

Why I should need to, is the bit I am concerned about!!

This is not a courtesy car, so will have to enter into a hire agreement, and they claim it back.

Is this the normal way of getting a car repaired, or are there any hitches I need to be wary of?

For some reason, I feel like I am being manipulated by both companies, but don ‘ t know why!

I am awaiting them to locate her insurance company, which they could not locate at time I was on the phone, ? and they would let me know where the car must go, to be repaired,and where to pick up the Hire car from.

The other driver said she has notified her company,Allianz, admitting liability!

Does not mean the company will.?

Any advice would be grateful before I commit myself to Enterprise.

What happened to just having a courtesy car?


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