Recent Experiences with DAS Legal Expenses Insurance



I’d like to know if anyone has any recent experience with these numpties?

I have two cases for the past 2 years that they are doing nothing to resolve.

I’m using their panel solicitor for the first one and he is useless.
The second one they are trying to avoid paying my own solicitor and want me to enter a CFA and pay 25% of the winning. As I have already won the case it is a big chunk out of what is an unknown settlement.

My experience of their Claims department is as follows:

– When I call they are friendly, seemingly helpful and very casual. They have all the time in the world to talk.
– But they never follow through any promise of a call back or any written confirmation of what is agreed.
– They ignore ALL correspondence and just love for you to make a complaint. That way nothing needs to be done.
– They are equally happy for complaints to go to the FOS because again nothing will be done.
– They ignore the EU rulings about choosing your own solicitor and the FCA are complicit in allowing this to continue.
– They will do everything to avoid paying out anything.
– They say the policy is cheap so you shouldn’t expect much. At this rate it is expensive because they either bin the case, ruin it or manage both.

They have caused me so much grief because they promise to call and never do. As a result I’m waiting around getting more tense and anxious. They also know customers have no recourse, given we need them for legal services in the first place. We are unlikely to be able to sue them. The regulators are failing so they have the power.

If other people have any of these experiences please share and maybe we can do a joint complaint, or go to the media. I know the Guardian has done articles about them.

Thank you for reading.


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