Recommend *virtual* credit card supplier please



Can anyone recommend a virtual credit card supplier?

I used to use a company called 3V. You exchanged cash for a voucher in a post office, then entered the voucher number into a website, and the website gave you a Visa number to use for on-line for purchases. When the funds are gone you just repeat with a new number. No waiting, the whole process takes about an hour (I think 3V did some checks after you applied for the number).

I signed up to a company called splashplastic thinking they’d give me the above deal, but it turns out they don’t give you the number on-line, they print a new physical card and you receive it after two weeks via the post. This is not what I’m looking for (£10 wasted).

Can’t find 3V any more and all the comparison sites I’ve been to talk about ‘pre-paid’ cards which is not the same thing as a virtual card.



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