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Morning All,

Just looking for some guidance on this issue please. i have recently racked up a lot of credit card debit (around 3200) and most of it is due to gambling. i have stopped gambling now but as everyone who has went heavy on gambling knows if you have any way of getting a bet on you will do it (including using the credit cards)

so my question is, i want to start paying these debts off and at the same time reduce the credit card limit each time. would this affect my credit score? personally i would like to take the hit on the credit score for the next few years and make sure i have not way of getting another bet on with money on actually have.

I’m looking at paying the minimum payment plus 100 a month and asking them to reduce limit by 100 every time. my credit card company allow me to do this via live chat so major hassle for me really.

thanks for you advice


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