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I know that car insurance always seems to go up, but I cannot seem to find a good deal at the moment.

I used to have a merc C180 CGI and I was paying £300 a year insurance which I thought was actually pretty good for the type of car it was. I recently did a quote for a 1.5 engine 59 plate renault megane and the quotes are coming in at about £280 with protected no claims or about £250 without protected. 250 voluntary excess, 3000 miles a year (I hardly use a car but its 3000 of convenience.

How can a megane only be £50 cheaper than a merc to insure?

Ive gone through the “things to reduce your insurance” on this site and I am doing all of them. IS this just another example of rip off britain or are there ways that I am not thinking of. The only thing I cannot do is add a named driver, but them ive no motoring offences anyway.


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