refund puts me in credit can I withdraw cash abroad?


I bought a new cooker and paid by credit card and it was to be delivered on Thursaday.

Well it wasn’t and when I visited the store to find out why I am told it is out of stock and won’t be available for another 6 weeks.

Therefor I am getting a refund of the £500.

My credit card DD was taken yesterday so my credit card balance is now zero.

I am going abroad on holiday in a few days.

I am still going to buy a new cooker, just from elsewhere and will use another credit card to retain my £500 credit if this mean I can now withdraw cash (up to £500) from foreign ATMs without paying any interest.

This is not my normal card for using abroad, it is a Capital One card, I usually use my Santander Zero credit card while abroad and don’t normally withdraw cash.

Heading towards 72 and getting even more forgetful and confused and tending to ramble even more.
If you think I’ve asked this before I probably have.


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