Rejected card application, how to solve?


I’ve never had a credit card before but often rent cars and these days most places are demanding credit cards instead of debit cards. I’m a nationwide user and am eligible for their “select” card which offers a 12 months 0% interest introductory offer if you pass their criteria (I do).

So i logged into experian and checked my score on there and it is 890+. I logged into my Nationwide online banking and made the application and… was rejected. No explanation as to why, only a pop up telling me they will be writing to me to confirm this.

I looked on the MSE main site and tried joining the credit builder club to see if that could shed any light and… was told again that they couldn’t identify me with experian. Despite all my details being the same in both applications.

What’s going on here and will this leave a bad mark on my credit history? What do i do next?


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