reporting dad to the police??


My dad is a chronic gambling addict. About three years ago he got professional help and stayed away until february this year. hes got really bad again… gambles literally any penny spare. anyway i recently got a credit card from sainsburys and it was sent to my fathers address as i stay there more then my house. i came back from work on wednesday night and the pin and card letters were opened but taped back with sellotape. anyway the pin and card had clearly been used and activated.

i called up to check my account and it turns out my dad made gambling transactions totaling £3758 and used 40 percent of my credit with them. ive got massive charges and an estimated cash interest next month on my account adding another around load of money on top. i know its my fault for not getting it sent to my other address but seriously didnt think he would stoop that low… ive not spoken to him since and staying at my house now. im thinking what to do… should i report him to the police or something? what are my options in this case? im thinking of ringing up and paying off the whole balance using my savings but its going to affect me a lot. if anyone can help me out with some advice that would be so appreciated. thanks x


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