Requested Mortgage payment Holiday given credit card


Not sure where best to post this question? Any advice is appreciated –

In 2005 I was employed on a supply contract through an Education Employment Agency, I became very ill & was unable to continue my job & I had no income other than a small pension from former employer.

I contacted my mortgage provider the Halifax to request a 3 month payment holiday due to my illness & they rejected it but said they would offer me a credit card to use instead ( I had never had or wanted a credit card before) they said I could have the credit card instead.

I am still paying this off to this day & I do feel this was missold due to the fact I already informed them I had no income due to illness.

I would really appreciate any advice as I still feel strongly about it being missold, I did try to complain before but they only treat it as ppi miss selling which was not the issue.

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