Right choice insurance broker declared bankrupt. Any help?


I started a policy with them last year as it was my first car. Even tho was a very cheap second hand car the insurance was 1300 and some pence. It was the cheapest and I took it. After 1 Year with no claim the insurance dropped to 600 and something which it was great for me. So I paid something a bit more then 100 for a deposit and 10 monthly payment of 50 something. In March they sent me an email saying that they are not renewing or accept any new policies as they were shut down and nothing would changed till the end of my policy. I thought oh well I’ll go with somebody else. Few days ago they sent me another mail saying that they went bankrupt and we will be transfer to another insurer and I don’t have to do nothing. And is written also
“Subject to you not making any changes to your cover the premium you pay will remain unchanged for the remaining time on your policy (the original renewal date), the excess is exactly the same and you will still earn any no claims bonus (NCB) that you would have earned”
This morning someone from right choice phoned me and said that instead of waiting 2 weeks , if I transfer myself now my insurance will only go up to 77 pounds at month as the new deposit needs to be paid. I asked why and he was answering with other questions if I had accidents or others regarding my policy. At the end I got tired and I said I don’t want to be transferred and I stay with you for the next 2 weeks and he said ok have a good day.

I don’t really understand about insurance but any of you found themselves in the same situation? If I change insurance and find myself another insurer will I loose the deposit I paid with them at the beginning of my renewal?

Any suggestions will be much appreciated


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